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At Rugged Development, we understand that cannabis is taking the world by storm, and the cannabis industry faces a unique set of demanding challenges: compliance, plant management, harvesting, inventory, and shipping—staying ahead is important.

As the cannabis industry grows, new challenges will arise, and with each state having their own set of regulations, it’s important to maintain a competitive edge, and Rugged Development is here to help maintain that competitive edge. We offer superior knowledge, and products that provide the cannabis industry end-to-end solutions. Designed to not only meet industry standards but exceed them!

So, whether you are a grower, distribution partner or retail dispensary looking for a full end-to-end solution that includes printers, scanners, RFID and labeling, etc we have you covered. We provide you with a customized solution from start to finish.  Better manage your operations, while enhancing productivity and growing profitability!

Custom Solutions

Precise, high-volume mobile or desktop printing allows you to produce large runs of scannable, item-level tracking tags, shipping labels, packaging, and much more.

POS systems include label readers, barcode/ID scanners, and multi-function units that are ready to ensure seed-level tracking and guaranteed compliance.

Certified supplies for all of your needs—from nursery tags to RFID and barcode labels, we have you covered. No matter the scale of your operation.

Increase Profitability

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Build your Cannabis Solutions with these components

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