Zebra TC52-HC Heath Care Handheld Computer

Virus Life Cycle

Studies conducted by medical experts have reported that several viruses, including the Coronavirus (COVID-19) can survive up to nine days on a surface of either plastic, glass, or metal. Although it only takes one touch to transmit these illnesses, frequent and adequate sanitation procedures will help reduce the spread of germs in little time.

Device Cleaning and Disinfecting Guidelines

  1. Turn off and/or disconnect the device from AC/DC power.

  2. To avoid damage to the device or accessory, use only approved Cleaning & Disinfecting agents specified by the manufacturer.

  3. Use pre-moistened wipes or dampen a soft sterile cloth (not wet) with the approved agent. 

  4. Never spray or pour chemical agents directly onto the device.

  5. Use a moistened cotton-tipped applicator to reach tight areas. Be sure to remove any lint left over by the applicator.

  6. Do not allow the liquid to pool.

  7. Allow the device to air dry, dry with a soft lint-free cloth or towelette before use. Ensure electrical contacts are fully dry before reapplying power.

Rugged Enterprise Devices Purposely Built for Sanitation

Rugged computers and handhelds have been tested to withstand the frequent chemical sanitation with zero deterioration or affect to the device. Many are certified to medical standards and incorporate an antimicrobial surface to resist the growth of harmful viruses and organisms. Consumer-grade devices are harder to properly disinfect since powerful/ hash disinfectants will harm the consumer device.

Proven Rugged Solutions

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