There’s no time to waste in a warehouse or a distribution center. Downtime can severely impact your productivity. That’s why you need devices that give you full visibility over your inventory and what’s being shipped in and out.

Zebra Technologies produces some of the best rugged tools for warehouse and distribution. Mobile computersscanners, and tablets are all built to withstand your environment. Here is an overview of some of Zebra’s top mobile computers, ultra-rugged scanners, and rugged enterprise tablets.

Mobile Computers

You probably don’t think rugged and durable when you think about mobile computers. However, Zebra’s mobile computers are built to function in tough environments like a warehouse or distribution center.
Zebra’s latest release is the MC9300 mobile computer. It’s the most rugged device in its class and is able to withstand harsh environments like freezers and coolers or the presence of hazardous materials.
There are eight models to choose from, and drop specs range from 6-8 feet on concrete. It’s virtually waterproof, dust-proof, and tumble-proof. The MC9300 also comes with Corning® Gorilla® Glass or maximum scratch-and-impact resistance on the display and exit window.
It has maximum processing power, so you’ll get better performance from your voice and apps. With its excellent scanning capabilities, the MC9300 has a variety of uses including inventory management, receiving and putaway, returns, cross-decking, and more.
The TC72 and TC77 touch computers are enterprise-grade devices that actually look similar to smartphones. They come with advanced touchscreen technology that allows you to input data with a gloved finger a stylus—even when wet. The extended-range scanning capabilities are perfect for a warehouse environment where you need to capture 1D and 2D barcodes. A great time-saving feature is an ability for an employee to scan without having to align the scanner with a barcode to improve efficiency.
These mobile computers can handle multiple 8-feet drops to concrete at room temperature and carry a 15-hour battery life.

Ultra-Rugged Scanners

Looking for a traditional scanner for use inside your warehouse or distribution center? Zebra’s 3600 Series Ultra-Rugged Scanner models are the toughest on the market.
Despite its ultra-rugged features, the 3600 Series is also incredibly easy to manage and comes in 14 models so you can find the one that’s best for your business. With the 3600 Series, you can choose between 1D scanners, 2D scanners, and those which can scan both. There’s also corded and cordless models to suit your needs.
The 3600 Series has the highest drop, tumble, and sealing specs than any other similar scanners on the market. Moreover, the series is designed to work in the harshest conditions with an 8-foot drop rating, the ability to still work after 5,000 tumbles in tests, and the ability to withstand dust, spray, and water.
For scanning performance, the 3600 Series has advanced scanning technology that enables one-time capture of barcodes, even at odd angles.

Rugged Tablets

Rugged enterprise tablets are a clear choice over consumer models when it comes to warehouses or distribution centers. They have the durability, technology, and business applications to drive better productivity.
Rugged tablets can withstand 6-foot drops from concrete with a shell and operate in temperatures from -4 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. They also have Ingress Protection ratings that meet the international standards for dust and waterproofing. Zebra tablets also have extensive enterprise network capabilities, device management solutions, and business applications.
Zebra’s Xplore lineup includes the L10 rugged platform, which has three different models: the XPAD L10XSLATE L10, and XBOOK L10. You can purchase different tablets from the series for each of your job requirements, yet share accessories among all the models.
The L10 line is used in the warehouse, manufacturing, transportation, field mobility, and location industries.
Zebra’s XSLATE R12 is a 2-in-1 rugged tablet that doubles as a desktop computer. You can use in an office, on the warehouse floor or out in the field. It has a magnetically attached keyboard and a 12.5-inch display, among other features that make it attractive.
The XSLATE R12 tablet is used in field mobility, warehouse management, manufacturing, and transportation.

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