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Exponential growth in e-commerce, higher consumer expectations of product availability, delivery speed, and intensifying competition for labor are fundamentally changing warehouse operations. To compete in this new environment, you need to ramp up front-line workers fast and empower them to efficiently perform the jobs of the future.

Outdated Windows devices running green-screen applications won’t empower your workers to the extent necessary — they simply were not designed to match the speed and volume of today’s on-demand economy. In contrast, modern Android touch-screen devices are designed for faster, more flexible operation and come in a wide range of rugged form factors, from handhelds and wearables to tablets and vehicle mounts.

With modern warehouse devices, you’ll notice four key operational improvements:

Greater order-fulfillment speed. Modern devices speed up applications with more memory and processing power. The intuitive Android user interface combined with modern touch-screen technology to facilitate 40% faster data entry. And with the Simulscan or multi-barcode solution, devices can capture multiple barcodes on a label with a single scan.

Higher fulfillment accuracy. Android gives you the ability to simplify interactions with terminal emulation green-screens. You can easily add soft buttons, on-screen keypads and photos of products for fool-proof picking. Equipped with the latest in scan engine technology, workers can capture barcode data faster, from near and far distances, the first time, every time. And with bigger touch displays, orders can be filled with 60% fewer mistakes.

Faster employee onboarding. Your mobile devices impact worker productivity and efficiency. Modern Android devices have a familiar, intuitive touch-screen interface and a lightweight, ergonomic design for all-day ease of use — providing a better overall user experience. Modernizing helps cut training time for both permanent and temporary workers, making the job easier and empowering them with the confidence to add real value.

Continuous devise uptime.  re designed for continuity, with fast charging, hot-swap batteries and more reliable Wi-Fi connectivity. PowerPrecision+ analytics indicate when batteries need recharging or replacement. Mobility Extensions provide an extra layer of enterprise security and LifeGuard for Android extends security support for up to seven years — all to help prevent disruptive downtime.

Get more insight into how modern Android mobile devices and tablets can transform your warehouse to meet the needs of today’s on-demand economy.

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